Putting the myths to the test!

We haven't found out whether our little bundle is pink or blue, so I thought I'd put a few of the old wives tales to the test and see how accurate they are! Let's start with Mother's Intuition..... I'm convinced baby's a girl and have been since quite early on. According to many of my … Continue reading Putting the myths to the test!


Oh Happy Days!

So today we had our 28 week growth scan..... and everything was perfect! As always it's super exciting and special to see your little one on the big screen, but following the dramas of the last few weeks, today carried extra significance for us. It gave us quite a giggle when we walked into the … Continue reading Oh Happy Days!

Getting back to Business

Today I am 28 weeks pregnant..... and today, I am going back to work! Yes, I do realise how silly this sounds! Most sensible mummies-to-be are thinking of winding down their working activities around this time, have discussed their maternity leave and are adpating to being in the third trimester. Me? Well, I've been off work … Continue reading Getting back to Business

Too Much Milk?

That's what you'd think, isn't it, if someone told you that there was too much calcium in your blood! Well, that's what I thought when, two months ago, I was told by my obstetric medicine consultant that my blood calcium was too high, during a routine check up at the antenatal clinic. But before I go … Continue reading Too Much Milk?