The Importance of Doing Nothing

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Admittedly this has taken me nearly 8 weeks to realise (or 28 years, depending on how you look at it!), but this week it dawned on me, sometimes I just need to be at home ‘doing nothing’.

I find this realisation really tricky, because to me, time at home is beneficial for catching up on work, cleaning, tidying, washing, probably inviting people round, etc.

But I had a revelation this week that doing nothing really can mean doing nothing when you have a baby.

I’m a nightmare for picking up the laptop and cracking on with work while she sleeps, or quickly whizzing round the whole house cleaning, tidying and doing any other little jobs that need doing. This week, though, I’ve felt really tired… probably because Violetta has decided that sleeping isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and being awake with Mummy is much more fun!

So I set myself a challenge; for one day only, to sleep when she slept, rest when she did and chill out playing with her the rest of the time. Do you know what? I’ve loved it. It’s exactly what I needed.

In light of this, I sat down with my diary and scheduled in what I’m going to call ‘home days’ with my little lady. This doesn’t mean to say I can’t then do bits and pieces while she sleeps, if I want to, but it does mean that if I just want to be at home, chilling out with my baby, I can.


I, like so many Mums out there, am very guilty of filling my diary with busyness; friends, family, business meetings, classes, etc. Whilst it’s all great fun, the gaps in my diary quickly fill up and I soon found that there is no time at all for ‘down time’.

Well, that stops now, and I’m hoping it will make for a happier and healthier Mummy in the long run .

Do you feel the same? Give it a go with me and pop some ‘home days’ in your own diary too : )


Finding our New Reality

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We’ve hit the six week mark; all the initial introductions have been made, my Mum’s little stays to help us have stopped, hubby’s paternity leave (taken weeks 4-6 due to work commitments) is over and it’s now time to go it alone with my little lady. 

I’ve loved having everyone around. It’s enabled me to find my feet as a new mummy and given everyone the chance to get to know Violetta in her littlest day’s. I’ve been able to get some sleep, learn how to breastfeed and get help with washing, ironing and cooking. 

But I’m thrilled to say I’m ready for the next step and ready to enjoy finding our feet together. 

My body is well and truly healed, I feel like I know my new little addition pretty well now and I’m up for the challenge of being wife, mummy and company director. 

Monday was an easy day; dad was off work so he popped up and took as out for lunch! 

Tuesday, however, was ‘in at the deep end’. Hubby headed out to work at 7am and it was over to me to get the little lady and myself up, washed, dressed, breakfasted and out the house. I realised how lucky I had been with the helping hands to hold her while I ran around getting ready in the mornings! 

Once we’d got ready there was no time to celebrate our first success; I had a hospital appointment to get to at London Bridge! 

On went the sling and the backpack and off we went to the train station. I left myself half an hour to get there, as this is how long it took when I last walked, in November. Eight minutes later we were there. Oops! 

Hubby says I looked scared in this pic…. I wasn’t! Just tired, chilly and 23 minutes early for our train. Rookie error! 

We made it to town, navigated our way through the new and snazzy London Bridge Station and headed to the hospital. My little bundle was asleep all the way there and all the way home again. 

I then had a mad moment after we got home and decided to clean the house while Violetta slept. Seemingly our first trip to London wasn’t enough for one day! 

By the time hubby got home at 7.45pm I’d cleaned, steamed and essential oiled the house, cooked dinner and caught up on the laundry. 

(Can’t recommend these oils enough! They come with some blending ideas and smell heavenly rubbed into woodwork or popped in a water diffuser). 

It has to be said I felt pretty proud of myself, and absolutely ready for bed!

Violetta had other ideas. Having had such long and comfy sleeps during the day, she decided mummy cuddles were in order at bedtime…. and for most of the night! 

One tired mummy gave in at 7.30 this morning after a few broken hours sleep, and did the only sensible thing: baked a cake. 

So far, so good!

We’re enjoying our new ‘normal’ and looking forward to finding our feet over the next few weeks and settling into the reality of our new lives! 

Our first outing!ย 


At one week old we decided it was time to take Little V out for the first time.

Any new mums will know that it’s as much about when you feel ready, as when your little bubba is ready!

Feeding in public was not a challenge I was ready for one week post-partum, in fact at 2 weeks I’m still not ready for that… but the trip we had in mind was perfect.

My younger brothers have just achieved their lifetime goal of opening a gym together and by some incredible luck it’s a ten minute drive from our house! Last weekend was their opening weekend, so we decided it was the perfect time to get out the house and introduce our new little daughter to the big wide world!

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Getting out the house was fun and a real education. Papa had to go out, so it was up to Mummy and V to get it together.

After an hour and a half we were washed, dressed, breakfasted, packed and ready to go….. then we had to change a nappy, then another feed was required….. one more nappy change and we were off.

Being a nervous new mummy I sat in the back of the car to check she kept breathing (I know…. first time Mum syndrome). She was fine, of course!

We had a lovely time down at the gym… ย Papa did a workout, Mummy enjoyed a specially crafted coffee from the bar and V was cooed over and admired…. and she slept through the whole experience!!!

All in all our first trip as a family of three was a huge success. Although I must admit I’m a little gutted she spent her first weekend in a gym and not a dance studio!