Things are getting real!

Yes, I have been pregnant for 30 weeks (7 and a half months!). Yes, I do have a rather sizeable bump. And yes, I've been to five scans and seen the baby. But.... do you know what made this pregnancy suddenly seem very real and baby's arrival seem very soon? Having the car seat fitted! … Continue reading Things are getting real!


Peter Pan

I am a big lover of Peter Pan and his creator, J.M. Barrie. I first enjoyed the Disney film as a child, then when older I watched Finding Neverland and was absolutely captivated. Many of the quotes from this lovely story are very special and every child should be reminded of the important lessons imparted … Continue reading Peter Pan

One Month On (from Too Much Milk)

So, it was a month ago tomorrow that I had the game changing surgery to remove a naughty parathyroid gland that was playing havoc with my health (Too Much Milk). I said that I would give an update and let you know how I'm feeling, so here it is! I have never felt so good: I … Continue reading One Month On (from Too Much Milk)

Oh Happy Days!

So today we had our 28 week growth scan..... and everything was perfect! As always it's super exciting and special to see your little one on the big screen, but following the dramas of the last few weeks, today carried extra significance for us. It gave us quite a giggle when we walked into the … Continue reading Oh Happy Days!