Happy New Year!


I don’t think it is possible to feel more excited about the year ahead than I do right now!

This is the year that I get to meet our baby, and it is undoubtedly set the be the best year ever.

2016 certainly presented it’s challenges, and I must admit I was quite happy to wave it goodbye with my hot chocolate, snuggled in my dressing gown and slippers, watching the fireworks with hubby! Yes it brought some wonderful times, beautiful memories and of course it is the year that we created our little bubba; but it is one I’m happy to leave behind.

2017 promises to be full of challenges, fulfilling of dreams (not just mine, but many close friends and family members too) and one of great adventure.

I’m not really one for new year’s resolutions but I suppose I will say that this year I aim to be a better me, a happy person, a fun friend and a fabulous Mummy. I hope to support my husband in everything he does, to grow my business while growing our family and to maintain and nurture the close relationships I am so lucky to enjoy with my friends and family.

Cheers to 2017, let’s make it a great one.

My Little Piece of Heaven


Everybody needs a little piece of heaven in their everyday lives.

I found mine three years ago, when I first moved to Greenwich. I had been feeling poorly and was in need of a pick-me-up. I’ve always loved massage and relaxation therapies, but couldn’t justify paying spa prices for the indulgence. Years before, I had been treated to a reflexology session and had absolutley loved it.

I’m a very open-minded person; scientific backing or otherwise, if something makes me feel better I really am not one to worry what other people think!

So having looked at a few different options, I stumbled across a natural therapy centre five minutes walk from my house. I did a little bit of research, liked what I read, so booked my first session at Healthwise Natural Therapy Centre. 

Firstly, I challenge anyone to not feel the ultimate sense of relaxation after having their feet rubbed (in a very specialised way, of course!) for an hour.

For me though, my sessions with Christine are so much more than that.

Right from the word go she took the time to get to know me; how I think and feel, that I’m the ultimate control freak, my fears and dreams and my every day life. Every time I see her she uses all of this acquired knowledge to give me the ultimate treatment.

Chris has so many strings to her bow, and uses everything she has learnt over the years to deliver a full and complete session which always leaves me feeling more complete, relaxed and ‘put together’.

Today was my first session back since my operation and I have to say it was truely the most heavenly way to spend my morning.

Greeted like an old friend and welcomed back with open arms and plentiful compliments, followed by an hour of the ultimate indulgence (reflexology) in a relaxing environment with incense, cosy sheets and dim lights and finished off with a hypnobirthing / meditation lesson. It’s hard to explain how I feel when I leave – but imagine walking on a fluffy cloud, with a clear head, easy breathing and feeling as though your whole body has been treated to a magical mending session.

I’m hoping to fit in a few more sessions before baby arrives and can’t wait for the next one already.

When you find something in your life that makes you happy, makes you feel healthy and complete and gives you an ultimate sense of wellbeing and togetherness; embrace it.


One Month On (from Too Much Milk)


So, it was a month ago tomorrow that I had the game changing surgery to remove a naughty parathyroid gland that was playing havoc with my health (Too Much Milk).

I said that I would give an update and let you know how I’m feeling, so here it is!

I have never felt so good:

I have energy (as much as you would expect a 29 week pregnant person to have, anyway!).

I can concetrate on things and focus in a way I haven’t been able to do for many many months.

My skin has cleared up completely – I’m finally enjoying that pregnancy ‘glow’that had been so elusive for the first 6.5 months.

The aches and pains have gone. Seriously. My body feels like it belongs to me again, no more inexplicable pains in the middle of the night that could only be soothed by a very hot bath.

The headache is GONE. Not reduced, not there less often – gone. It’s a life changer. I’ve been living with that headache for as long as I can remember.

The anxiety is so much less. Yes I’m soon to be a Mummy and I do still have ever-so-slightly crazy hormones. But, I’m not feeling like every little thing that happens is going to be the absolute end of the world (much to the relief of my ever-patient and wonderful hubby!).

I have my bubble back. Tricky to quantify that one, so here’s a silly picture instead!

IMG_3149.JPGSo, if you are reading this as a follow up to Too Much Milk, and you or someone you know is going through the same thing – I hope this fills you with hope and excitement for what hte future holds for you. This is one month in, imagine how I’ll be feeling when I’ve had the little bubba and my body is able to 100% recover from everything!