The problem with being a …

... people pleaser.   Yes, I said it. My name's Victoria and I'm a people pleaser. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than making other people happy; friends, family, clients, friends of friends, extended family, client's families, the neighbours, people I meet out and about. The list goes on. I have always liked making people smile, … Continue reading The problem with being a …


Happy New Year!

I don't think it is possible to feel more excited about the year ahead than I do right now! This is the year that I get to meet our baby, and it is undoubtedly set the be the best year ever. 2016 certainly presented it's challenges, and I must admit I was quite happy to … Continue reading Happy New Year!

Getting into the social swing….

It's been a very long time since I have been able to make social plans and follow them through! In fact, reflecting over a lovely plate of scrambled eggs this morning, hubby and I figured I haven't actually had a social life since July!!! Prior to being admitted to hospital and having the operation, this … Continue reading Getting into the social swing….

Turkish Tea + French Honey

These two simple ingredients combined are absolute heaven. I was introduced to 'Turkish Tea' by my Turkish/American neighbour and her Mum. It is spicy, sweet and full of flavour. Combined with a spoonful of the tastiest French Honey (from my Mum and Dad's recent trip to Paris) it is heaven in a mug. Good for … Continue reading Turkish Tea + French Honey