A letter to my daughter. 

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To my beautiful daughter,
As I lay here and watch you sleep, my heart bursts with love for you. 
I cannot believe that someone so perfect in every way is mine. Mine to look after, to nurture, to teach and to watch grow. 
I lay here wondering how I can make your path through life the happiest, most fulfilling and most satisfying journey you could possibly take. 
There are so many lessons you will learn in life, so many experiences that I won’t be able to prepare you for, but there are also many wisdoms I can impart, many lessons I can share and some important affirmations you should start believing as soon as you understand what they mean. 
Let me first start by telling you that you are strong, you are kind, you are clever and you are beautiful. You are my little warrior princess who, against all the odds, became everything we never knew we were missing. You are also very loved, by so many people and as you grow, so will everyone’s love for you. 
Strength can be shown in many ways. We know already that you have a great inner strength; a determination that defies your tiny size and tiny age. And this strength will grow as you do. You must always use it to be supportive, to help others, to earn respect and to achieve wonderful things. Be strong in everything you do, but don’t be afraid to show weakness. Asking for help is also a sign of strength. Emotions are there to be shared and in doing so you will learn so much about both yourself and your friends and family.  
Kindness is a trait that I will be reinforcing with you throughout your life. By being kind to others you will always be surrounded by love. Know how important it is to share, to listen, to talk and to be a friend. By being a friend to others, they will be friends to you. Our lives are enriched so much by the friends we choose to share them with. 
Being clever isn’t judged solely on academic ability or the results you achieve 

in tests and competitions. Being clever is about finding your passions and pursuing them. Learning from everything you do and everyone you meet and taking a genuine interest in the world around you. Take pride in your achievements, no matter how small, while at the same time remaining humble and gracious. There are already so many wonderful people in your life who can teach you so much! Listen to what they say, learn from what they do and you will have a wealth of knowledge and a wider understanding of the world around you. 
You are truly beautiful. Inside and out. Some people will say this doesn’t matter, some will say it’s all that matters. For me, it is important that you know I believe you to be perfect. I want you to be confident in yourself and feel certain that no matter where you go or who you face, you are enough. In every single way. 
I will always be here for you. To hold your hand, to give you a cuddle, to sing you a song, to play games, to teach you to cook, to dance, to ride a bike, to plait your hair, to kiss it better when it hurts, to talk to, to share with and to love you with all my heart.
All I want for you is health, happiness and contentment and it is my goal, as your mummy, to help you find these things as you create your own path through the incredibly exciting life ahead of you. 
Remember to always be true to yourself. Follow your own fashions and dance your own dance. There isn’t another you anywhere in the world, so show the world who you are and why you’re so special. 
All my love, forever.
Your Mummy x

Make this week count!

Words to Inspire

Whatever you’re doing and wherever you’re doing it, make this week a good one.

The closer I get to the arrival of my little one, the more aware I become of how organised I need to be.

The week I have to handle decorators who left a huge mess, early morning furniture deliveries for the nursery, billing for the business, new leads to follow up and so much more!

Time to be fierce and make it happen.

Have a fabulous week : )



Today’s the day!

Words to Inspire

All my plans fell somewhat behind when I went into hospital. I’m pleased to report that ten days on from surgery I’m feeling so much better and ready to get on with living! 

Our little baby is due at the end of January, and I’m so excited that we are having the nursery decorated next weekend! 

At the moment our spare room has turned into a bit of a dumping ground for things we don’t know what to do with, so I’ve enlisted the help of Mum, and we have one day to get through it and empty the room! 

It will be brutal and as per today’s quote, I will only be keeping what I know to be useful and believe to be beautiful. 

Wish me luck! 

My Hospital Mantra

Words to Inspire

The op is done!

It was a long, hard slog to get there and yesterday was a tough day during which I had to face a lot of personal challenges. These words helped me no end. Every time I felt like I was losing control of the situation I reminded myself of these words and carried on. 

Words can alter your mindset, and your mindset is a very powerful thing to have control of. 

How true that is!

Words to Inspire

I found this quote today and it couldn’t be more perfect for this weekend. I was admitted into hospital on Friday and it looks like I’ll be here for a couple of weeks. At 24 weeks pregnant and with an operation scheduled for next week, I know I’m in the right place, but that doesn’t make it any easier unfortunately.

I feel poorly, and I am poorly, but nevertheless I still feel the best way to be is happy when you can, so smiling and laughing is the way forward. My Mum said to me when I was admitted Friday that she can tell I’m not ok from my eyes, as they normally sparkle.

Well, they definitely aren’t sparkling (or twinkling) right now! So my mission for the next two weeks is to find a way to feel ‘twinkly’ and get back to looking like me again, even if it is from a hospital bed.

It may take a while – but I will get there!