A letter to my daughter. 

To my beautiful daughter, As I lay here and watch you sleep, my heart bursts with love for you.  I cannot believe that someone so perfect in every way is mine. Mine to look after, to nurture, to teach and to watch grow.  I lay here wondering how I can make your path through life … Continue reading A letter to my daughter. 


Make this week count!

Whatever you're doing and wherever you're doing it, make this week a good one. The closer I get to the arrival of my little one, the more aware I become of how organised I need to be. The week I have to handle decorators who left a huge mess, early morning furniture deliveries for the … Continue reading Make this week count!

Today’s the day!

All my plans fell somewhat behind when I went into hospital. I'm pleased to report that ten days on from surgery I'm feeling so much better and ready to get on with living!  Our little baby is due at the end of January, and I'm so excited that we are having the nursery decorated next … Continue reading Today’s the day!

My Hospital Mantra

The op is done! It was a long, hard slog to get there and yesterday was a tough day during which I had to face a lot of personal challenges. These words helped me no end. Every time I felt like I was losing control of the situation I reminded myself of these words and … Continue reading My Hospital Mantra