My Little Water Baby

We started taking Little V to swimming lessons when she was 12 weeks old. We found a wonderful little swimming school called Turtle Tots, which ran classes in a local hotel's swimming pool. It was such a lovely introduction to the water; building up our confidence and hers, understanding good ways to play in the … Continue reading My Little Water Baby


Father Christmas at Bluewater

Totally worth it! Cost: £10.00 Note: photos are extra (£7.50) Why is it worth it? The kids absolutely loved every minute (even Violetta!). The experience starts with a little cookery lesson with the elves. How to make a gingerbread man! Good rhetoric and funny little jokes as well as lots of participation from the children … Continue reading Father Christmas at Bluewater

A Local Heaven for Children and Parents

We have found the perfect answer to rainy afternoons, burning off energy, meeting friends and having some mummy/daughter time. In Woolwich Arsenal, in an unassuming, converted warehouse, is a haven for children and parents alike. Under 1 Roof kids is everything you hoped for when you pictured in your mind the kind of place you … Continue reading A Local Heaven for Children and Parents