Prepping Ahead

It is really important to me that Little V gets lots of fruit and vegetables in her diet. Every couple of weeks, on a Sunday, I make up some 'soffritto' bags and freeze them, ready to use as a base for lots of her dinners. They couldn't be easier (and you can mix and match … Continue reading Prepping Ahead


One Pan Sticky Cod (for all the family)

Shopping / Store Cupboard List 2x Cod Fillets (skinned and boned, 1 per person) 3x Carrots Handful of Spring Onions Pack of Tender Stem Broccoli 2 tbsp Soy Sauce 2.5 tbsp Runny Honey Pepper Olive Oil   Preparation Chop the cod into 1 inch squares Peel and chop the carrots Chop the Tender Stem Brocolli … Continue reading One Pan Sticky Cod (for all the family)

Sausage Risotto (for everyone)

Shopping / Store Cupboard List 2 x shallots 1 cup arborio risotto rice Large knob butter 1 cup red wine (optional) 1 litre stock (I use Italian Brodo, but any stock works) 5 sausages (either chopped up or whole, depending on how long you have!) Dried chilli flakes (I use 1 tsp) 1/2 courgette 1 … Continue reading Sausage Risotto (for everyone)

Sausage Risotto (for baby)

Shopping / Store Cupboard List Handful of baby spinach leaves 1/4 cup arborio risotto rice Small piece parmesan Small knob butter 1/4 courgette 1 x sausage 1/2 baby stock cube   Preparation Wash and chop the spinach Rinse the rice Grate some parmesan Chop the courgette Remove the sausage meat from the sausage Make 300ml … Continue reading Sausage Risotto (for baby)

Turkish Tea + French Honey

These two simple ingredients combined are absolute heaven. I was introduced to 'Turkish Tea' by my Turkish/American neighbour and her Mum. It is spicy, sweet and full of flavour. Combined with a spoonful of the tastiest French Honey (from my Mum and Dad's recent trip to Paris) it is heaven in a mug. Good for … Continue reading Turkish Tea + French Honey