Thank you, Papa!

Having a new baby is a massive learning curve as a first time Mum and Dad.  I'm lucky enough to spend all day, every day with this little lady, and I'm getting to know her pretty well.  Her Papa has just spent two weeks with her and knew her very well too, but in the … Continue reading Thank you, Papa!


Finding our New Reality

We've hit the six week mark; all the initial introductions have been made, my Mum's little stays to help us have stopped, hubby's paternity leave (taken weeks 4-6 due to work commitments) is over and it's now time to go it alone with my little lady.  I've loved having everyone around. It's enabled me to … Continue reading Finding our New Reality

To the Mummies of the Charlton Slopes….

... THANK YOU!  Yesterday morning I had to take my little one to the children's centre to be weighed.  We went last week with Daddy and it was absolutely fine! She was an angel the whole time. The clinic was empty and we had a long chat to both the health visitor and then breastfeeding … Continue reading To the Mummies of the Charlton Slopes….

Breastfeeding. My experience so far. 

And why perseverance and adjusting my boundaries were the best things I could do. Before Violetta arrived I knew that I wanted to exclusively breastfeed her. This was so important to me because I felt that throughout the pregnancy I hadn't been able to provide the healthy, happy home that she deserved for those formative … Continue reading Breastfeeding. My experience so far. 

Putting the myths to the test!

We haven't found out whether our little bundle is pink or blue, so I thought I'd put a few of the old wives tales to the test and see how accurate they are! Let's start with Mother's Intuition..... I'm convinced baby's a girl and have been since quite early on. According to many of my … Continue reading Putting the myths to the test!

I’m very nearly a Mummy!

It would be fair to say that this pregnancy hasn't been anything like I could of imagined! For starters, I didn't even know you could be operated on while pregnant, that one was a pretty steep learning curve. I was all set for my appointments as per my 'orange book' (my maternity notes), not for … Continue reading I’m very nearly a Mummy!

My Kind of Mummy

With the arrival of our little one imminent (due in January!) I have been thinking a lot about the kind of Mummy I hope to be. There are a few things that I value very highly, probably above all else, and these things I hope to be from day one (in fact some of them … Continue reading My Kind of Mummy