Let them be Little

There's been a huge hype in the news and online this week about the letter that has been sent home from a London school, requesting that the children do not dress up as footballers, pop starts or famous you tubers for their 'My World of Work Day' as these are 'great ambitions, but so hard … Continue reading Let them be Little


One Pan Sticky Cod (for all the family)

Shopping / Store Cupboard List 2x Cod Fillets (skinned and boned, 1 per person) 3x Carrots Handful of Spring Onions Pack of Tender Stem Broccoli 2 tbsp Soy Sauce 2.5 tbsp Runny Honey Pepper Olive Oil   Preparation Chop the cod into 1 inch squares Peel and chop the carrots Chop the Tender Stem Brocolli … Continue reading One Pan Sticky Cod (for all the family)

Sausage Risotto (for everyone)

Shopping / Store Cupboard List 2 x shallots 1 cup arborio risotto rice Large knob butter 1 cup red wine (optional) 1 litre stock (I use Italian Brodo, but any stock works) 5 sausages (either chopped up or whole, depending on how long you have!) Dried chilli flakes (I use 1 tsp) 1/2 courgette 1 … Continue reading Sausage Risotto (for everyone)

Sausage Risotto (for baby)

Shopping / Store Cupboard List Handful of baby spinach leaves 1/4 cup arborio risotto rice Small piece parmesan Small knob butter 1/4 courgette 1 x sausage 1/2 baby stock cube   Preparation Wash and chop the spinach Rinse the rice Grate some parmesan Chop the courgette Remove the sausage meat from the sausage Make 300ml … Continue reading Sausage Risotto (for baby)

Maternity Leave is Over

To the Daddy of my children, The main man in my life, The one who’s always there for me, From the girly who’s your wife.   We’ve been on quite a journey And the last year’s been a blast. But now I’m heading back to work, I knew maternity leave couldn’t last.   From growing … Continue reading Maternity Leave is Over

11 Months: Time for Tea

And just like that, my baby has turned into a little play-mate! She has started to understand imaginative role-play and it is so much fun! For Christmas we gave her a beautiful little play kitchen, but didn't buy any bits and pieces for it, so I stocked it with her bowls, cups, spoons and an … Continue reading 11 Months: Time for Tea

Father Christmas at Bluewater

Totally worth it! Cost: £10.00 Note: photos are extra (£7.50) Why is it worth it? The kids absolutely loved every minute (even Violetta!). The experience starts with a little cookery lesson with the elves. How to make a gingerbread man! Good rhetoric and funny little jokes as well as lots of participation from the children … Continue reading Father Christmas at Bluewater