Trying Something New

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If you read my last post (Living with an invisible illness) you will know that I was feeling pretty fed up with always feeling sub-par. Well, writing the post has spurred me into action and I’ve spent the last week and a half (while I’ve been unable to carry on with my normal acitivities) researching different schools of thought around autoimmune diseases.

The first and most promising thing I have found is about dietary change. If you are familiar with Deliciously Ella this wont come as a surprise to you, as she changed her life by changing what she ate. I’ve been reading all sorts of online resources and have found that there is a lot of research around functional medicine and an antiinflammatory dient, with a number of the sources claiming to have halted the development of autoimmune diseases and even, in some cases, reversed them.

This is a very exciting discovery for me and I have decided to give one of the methods a go. I have a book that I will be using as a guide, for the initial phase of dietary change, called The Immune System Recovery Plan. This book was written by Dr Susan Blum and this is part of what appeals to me. Firstly, she trained as a traditional doctor so is entirely au fait with modern practices as well as having an in depth understanding of all things anatomical and medical. Secondly, she herself was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease (one of the ones I have) and she used this method to heal herself.

Now, please dont think that I am going into this without doing a lot of additional research and finding out the good, the bad and the ugly before I make an informed decision about what I would like to try.

However, I am going to give it a go, see if I can make myself feel a bit better in the short term, see if I can translate that into feeling better in the longer term and then ultimately see whether this has any impact on the chronic conditions that I have been diagnosed with and those which have on the fence results and we are ‘watching and waiting’ to see if anything develops.

I have decided to share this journey with you for two reasons; if it works, I will be able to look back and see the process I went through and know that it may also help others going through the same thing. Even if it doesn’t work, I will find it motivating to be sharing the journey and the changes I am making, in order to keep me focussed and following through with what I have set out to achieve.

So, I have decided that I will start next Monday. Between now and then I will start getting my kitchen cupboards and fridge ready and working out a meal plan. I’ll share every step as I go and hope you enjoy joining me on this little challenge!

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