Who is Little V?


IMG_1879Here she is! My raison d’être, my little ray of sunshine and the sparkliest thing in my entire life.

Little V arrived two years ago on a cold night at the end of January and turned my whole world upside down. I have never known such a feeling of complete fulfilment and cannot imagine a world without her in it.

She is so full of life – the epitome of ‘vivacious’, she is dramatic, talkative, creative, brave, adventurous, sociable and incredibly caring. Her wit, understanding and eloquence is far beyond her two tiny years and she can already command a busy dinner table and cheekily joins in with conversations that we don’t even know she’s listening to!

What is this feeling called love?

Whether I’m cooking, cleaning, tidying, working, chilling out or just going about my every day life, Little V is right beside me wanting to learn, copy and join in with everything I do. She helps me makes the beds every morning, she wipes round the bath and rinses down the sink, she tidies up her little kitchen and makes sure that the Play Doh goes back in the box so it doesn’t dry up while she goes off to play with something else. Yet, on the other hand, she’s quite wild! She’s so free spirited and most definitely has mind of her own. I can tell that there will be many battles of wills ahead – we already lock horns on occasion and she’s hardly turned 2!

So there we have it, Little V. My miniature bestie, my mini-me and the sunshine that lights up every single day.

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