A Big Bed for a Little Girl


It’s no secret if you follow us on Instagram that we’ve been having a little bit of trouble getting Violetta down to sleep recently! 

With the arrival of the heatwave came the demise of her incredible bedtime routine. My calm, easygoing girl who was being popped in her cot awake and seeing herself off to sleep suddenly became clingy, unsettled and impossible to leave at bedtime. To begin with I put it down to the heat and we tried all the usual suggestions, but absolutely nothing made it possible to put her in her cot without total hysterics and my fear that she was just getting herself too worked up. So I got her travel cot mattress and popped it next to her cot and she fell asleep there before being moved across. 

I kept telling myself that everything with children is just a phase and that this one will pass, but it was getting harder and harder to loose my evenings to laying on the mattress until she fell asleep. I do most of my work after she’s gone to bed and that time had gone, meaning I was having to work while she occupied herself during the day. 

So something had to change. I thought about it long and hard before realising that it was the constraints of the cot causing the problem, not the falling asleep. 

So yesterday Violetta and I went shopping together. We bought her a special cot pillow and some new pjs and then we went home and took the side off her cot, together. 


She was so excited by the time the cot was a bed that I had barely got the duvet and pillow in place before she was climbing in and role-playing bedtime! She went to bed. All her toys went to bed. Mummy didn’t get a look in! Then when Nana arrived for tea, Violetta proudly showed her new bed and how it was to be used. IMG_8519

We also decided that yesterday was the day to say bye bye to the bedtime bottle. So Violetta had her bath, popped on her new pjs and came downstairs to a very special cup of warm milk with a paper straw. She absolutely loved it and straight afterwards said night night and headed off upstairs. 


I wish that enthusiasm continued. Despite being happy to get into bed, she wasn’t so happy to stay there, but with some gentle persuasion and cuddles from Nellie, she eventually settled. And guess what, she did a solid 12 hours! The longest she’s slept in such a long time! Even after she woke up she waited nicely in bed until we went to get her. 


And this evening? After a ten minute story and a little back tickle from Mummy, this little dolly was asleep in her big bed and (touch wood) hasn’t moved yet!

I don’t know how tonight will go and I know that some people will think I’ve done this too soon, but I know my little girl and I know she was ready. Here’s hoping the 12 hour nights continue!

ps. Just look at her first pair of slippers!!

Cot Bed: Mamas and Papas

PJs: White Company and Mothercare

Slippers: Mothercare

Bedding: White Company


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