It’s the Summer Holidays!

Child's Play, Parenting

It’s the summer holidays! Shout it from the roof tops!! This is my first real summer holiday with a little toddler in tow (last year I worked throughout – and while I plan to work a fair amount this summer I will be limiting it to 2/3 days a week and giving my little one my undivided attention the rest of the time).

So we’re one week in and already having so much fun.

The funny thing is that we haven’t actually gone out and done a lot yet, but we have just really really enjoyed each other’s company.

We’ve planted some little flowers in our garden, re-organised her toy room and nursery to make them the ultimate play spaces for her, done some drawing, cooked dinner together, gone out for coffees, seen friends (old and new!) and family and played, played, played!

Violetta’s language skills are changing every single day and it is truly incredible to witness. She takes absolutely everything in and suddenly comes out with something totally unexpected. Today, for example, she came and asked me for a cup of tea. I was in fits of giggles, but she must have heard the adults around her talking about having a cuppa and decided that she wanted one too, at a later date in a totally new context. When I declined the cup of tea, she just said ‘ok Mummy, sandwich please’. She’s got a seriously fun little personality on her and a really wicked sense of humour.

I’ll keep you updated as to the fun and games we get up to over the summer, but for now here’s a pretty little picture of Violetta with some of my favourite flowers.

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