Travelling with a Toddler

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Violetta is now 16 months and travelling with her now is a whole new ball game!

Her Papa’s extended family live in a rural town near Rome in Italy and it was finally time to take our little lady our there to visit everybody.

Before we left I decided it would be best to pack a capsule wardrobe of clothes for her that she could wear whatever the weather. This turned out to be a brilliant idea as while we were away we ended up treating her to some new clothes and my careful packing meant that we had plenty of space to bring things back where her nappies had been!

The other sensible thing I did before leaving was to ensure that all our things fitted in two suitcases and two backpacks. This left us hands free for the airport and meant that once we’d dropped off the suitcases and car seat (I’m very particular about car safety and would never travel without this) we were able to focus on Violetta and letting her have a lovely wander around the airport before being confined on the plane.

In my hand luggage bag I packed a lot of nibbly healthy snacks for Violetta to occupy her during the flight, as well as a book with lots of flaps, a soft toy bunny, some wooden zoo animals in a tin and my iPad which I had downloaded a couple of fun children’s programmes on that didn’t require the sound to be too loud for Violetta to enjoy watching them. This was all we needed for the 2 hour flight, as by the time we took into account take off and landing, we really only had to occupy Violetta for 1.5 hours, which was easily done with snacks and games along with a little bit of screen time.

Being in our own home in Subiaco was an absolute blessing as we had everything we needed on hand and were able to be independent about food, bedtime, chill out time, etc. Sleeping in a separate room to Violetta also meant that she was able to sleep through the night and follow roughly her normal pattern (although the day she decided to lay in until 9.45 was particularly wonderful!).

While we were away Violetta was an absolute star; walking everywhere, chatting to everyone and generally fitting in with what we wanted to do. I am always quite strict about her routine and we loosely followed it while we were away – always ensuring she had her nice long nap in the afternoon and didn’t go to bed too late (although of course later than normal as that’s part of the fun of being on holiday!).

By the end of the trip our little pickle was saying hello to everyone in Italian and had developed a new self-confidence with her walking and communication.

Our mini Italian adventure has definitely given me a new level of confidence with regard to traveling with a child and I’m already planning our return visit!

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