No Sleep for Mummy!


Since her first birthday, Little V has decided that sleeping at night is totally overrated.

She’s never been an amazing sleeper, but I’ve never complained about having to get up two or three times a night to resettle her for another 4-6 hour stint. It’s always been a case of a cheeky little feed and snuggle and down she goes, no fuss.

But it would appear that now she’s hit the grand old age of one, she’s turned into a little nighttime diva. She goes down ok at bedtime, after her bath, story and milk, but that’s the only good part of this story!

My little lady will then wake every 1.5-2 hours throughout the night and get herself in a total state, requiring a lot of calming, cuddles and milk to get her back to sleep. Once she’s back asleep she simply won’t be put down. Last night I spend 2.5 hours in the nursing chair with her snuggled in my lap and she spent 2 hours in my bed (from 4am, when I despaired and really needed to sleep too).

My night owl then wakes up for the day at 5/5.30 am. She doesn’t seem to understand that this wouldn’t be ok, even if she slept for ten hours straight beforehand. Let alone that on 5 hours of very broken sleep this mummy is not equipped to start the day at that time!

It’s as if the little pickle knows that I’ve upped my work commitments and am studying towards an exam and that Daddy can’t help because he’s so busy at work, so she just wants to see how little sleep a mummy really needs.

Love her to absolute pieces, but I seriously wish she’d go back to her old ways of 2/3 little stirs a night!

Is there anything I can do?!

What have you tried when your little one has a sleep regression?

I’m open to all suggestions!

One tired Mummy x

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