What is the deal with Peppa Pig?


This morning I was super tired when Little V woke up, and decided we’d have a little snuggle in bed and watch a show. The first children’s programme I got to was Channel 5’s Milkshake and the show currently playing was Peppa Pig.

We’ve never watched it before but I’ve been aware of all the hype and even went to Peppa Pig world with friends and their littles a few years ago.

I cannot be on my own in absolutely hating what I saw!

Peppa was the rudest, naughtiest, least disciplined ‘child’ I have ever seen and her horrendous attitude was being copied by her brother George and then not corrected by their Mum.

Not only this, but the whole premise of the story was wrong, to me.

Peppa and George had been jumping in muddy puddles with their teddy and dinosaur respectively. When Mummy Pig saw how dirty the toys were, she declared that they were ‘under the weather’ and needed to go to the animal hospital. When there, Mrs Rabbit confirmed that they were indeed ‘poorly’. They weren’t. They were dirty. They needed a bath (or a spin in the washing machine) not a hospital!

I then couldn’t believe how rude Peppa was to Mrs Rabbit and that Mummy Pig allowed it!

We won’t be watching Peppa Pig again, I’m absolutely shocked at how naughty and rude they are and that the ‘adults’ don’t take an adult role and not only that, they encourage the idea that getting muddy and messy means you are poorly.

I cannot be the only person who thinks this is fundamentally wrong?

I’d love to hear some recommendations of children’s tv shows that are sweet and appropriate for a one year old, where the characters are well behaved and encouraged to be kind!

One disgruntled Mummy!

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