Maternity Leave is Over


To the Daddy of my children,

The main man in my life,

The one who’s always there for me,

From the girly who’s your wife.


We’ve been on quite a journey

And the last year’s been a blast.

But now I’m heading back to work,

I knew maternity leave couldn’t last.


From growing our tiny human,

To bringing her into the world,

Nurturing her and feeding her

And keeping her warm in the cold.


I’ve been there for every little step,

Each smile and laugh and cry,

I’ve watched her play and learn so much,

I don’t want to say goodbye.


I’m the one who’s always fed her,

The one who’s always changed her bum,

I’ve got to know her little ways,

I am her one and only Mum.


I guess it’s a funny feeling

To think someone else will do it all,

Even though I know deep in my heart

They’ll all have such a ball.


I know it’s only for the day,

That she’ll be in amazing hands,

But she’s my tiny baby girl

And I wish I could change my plans.


I guess I’m ready to go back to my job,

At which I’m rather good.

To drink hot coffee, wear clean clothes

And take time over my food!


But, listen up, cos here’s my say,

(I know you care so much);

Walking away from our daughter

Will be seriously tough.


So instead of telling me

It’s for the best you know!

Just let me shed a little tear,

Before I have to go.


Then give me a hug and a little shake

And send me on my way.

Tell me that she’ll miss me,

But that she can’t wait to play.



Written by Victoria Sbraga 2018

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