11 Months: Time for Tea

Child's Play

And just like that, my baby has turned into a little play-mate! She has started to understand imaginative role-play and it is so much fun!

For Christmas we gave her a beautiful little play kitchen, but didn’t buy any bits and pieces for it, so I stocked it with her bowls, cups, spoons and an empty porridge box.

My parents then gave her a little teapot and cups for Christmas and the play began!

Violetta, after being led by her auntie, quickly got the hang of the teapot and the teacups; pouring everyone cups of her imaginary tea and saying ‘cheers’ with chinking cups to anyone who would stop for a drink!

This has led to a realisation that she also has a new level of understanding instructions, as we now go into my kitchen and I ask her for a cup of tea. She promptly crawls off to her kitchen, sources the tea pot and (most times – although sometimes we’ve imagined them) the teacups, and brings them over to pour me tea!

Following this, we have started ‘making’ porridge, cups of water (from her little sink) and all sorts of other food and drinks. She even chews her imaginary food after putting it in her mouth.

I think it’s time for the real playing to begin and I am so excited.

I’ll be popping some play ideas up here on a weekly bases so feel free to tune in to see what we’ve been up to and what you can try with your littles.

Love Victoria and Violetta x

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