A Job Role to Fill!

Lifestyle, Parenting

There’s a gap in the careers market that I think really needs to be filled.

I need a life PA.

And I bet I’m not the only one (was going to say Mum, but then I realised I needed this before I became a Mum!).

Life these days is just so busy, it’s almost impossible to keep on top of everything.

Everyone kindly sends you email reminders when policies are expiring, invoices when payments need to be made and calendar notifications for important dates (if you remembered to put them on your calendar in the first place), but someone like me could really do with this all being consolidated.

My life PA would be sent all my important house admin to keep on top of, make sure I had the best rates for energy/insurance/etc. They’d make sure I always had enough stamps to send important mail. They’d give me enough notice to actually purchase and wrap birthday presents and get them in the post in time, instead of being a last minute thing when that’s really not my style – I much prefer the personal touch but I can never seem to get organised enough! They’d make sure we see a dentist and an optician whenever we’re supposed to (twice a year?!) and they’d consolidate important information about term dates, classes, fees due etc for the kids activities.

Oh, and I don’t have a bottomless pot of money (or much of a pot at all for that matter!) so this would all need to be done on a shoestring budget.

I feel like there’s someone out there who would be SO suited to doing this for busy Mums, for a sensible price, and who with enough people to do it for could actually manage to make a good living doing it!

So if you’re out there, here’s the idea for you : )

I’m off to try and sort my diary, send last minute cards and presents, check the calendar for our Christmas arrangements, try and get a food shop and sort out our energy bill.

Happy Mummy-ing!

Victoria x


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