Father Christmas at Bluewater

Local Things to Do

Totally worth it!

Cost: £10.00

Note: photos are extra (£7.50)

Why is it worth it? The kids absolutely loved every minute (even Violetta!).

The experience starts with a little cookery lesson with the elves. How to make a gingerbread man! Good rhetoric and funny little jokes as well as lots of participation from the children who then receive an elf hat to write their name on. The magical gingerbread man is then put in the over where he comes to life!

You are then taken through to meet Mrs Claus and decorate your own gingerbread man tree decoration in a sweet craft room with oversized craft essentials!

Then it’s on to the next room to meet the real life gingerbread man:

And finally, time to meet Father Christmas! In a beautiful little grotto with an elf to take the photo:

You are given a little card so you can decide if you want your pictures and for £1 extra you can download the digital copy later!

All in all a fab experience and one I’d definitely recommend. We didn’t even have to book in advance; we just popped to the box office (down by Pizza Express) and booked for the next slot!

Let us know if you go along!

Victoria and Violetta x

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