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Today Violetta and I tried out a local music class ‘Frogprince Baby Music‘.

In short, Violetta absolutely loved it!

fullsizeoutput_95c9.jpeg                  IMG_7707

In a small (quite hard to find if you’ve never been there before), unassuming hall in East Greenwich Pleasance called The Bridge, a nutty Italian musician runs a fantastic little class for babies to pre-schoolers.

With more baby percussion that you can imagine for the babes to play with in the middle, Stefano’s keyboard, harmonica collection, ukuleles and guitars at the front and little mats around the edge for everyone to sit on, the venue is set for a great hour of music.

Stefano is fun, engaging and chatty with the kids, taking time to involve each and every one of them in the music at some point. It’s whacky, funny and the hour flew by. Today was the Christmas class so it was a mix of classics, Wham, random Christmas songs I’d never heard of and chatty music breaks in between.

When I say Violetta loved it, I’m not kidding. She wasn’t bothered about me being there at all and spent the whole class in the middle of the room, banging on the drum, shaking the maracas, singing, dancing, playing and generally having the time of her life. And she wasn’t the only one – the kids were happy to bop about, play with the instruments and be around the music.

For just £5.00 PAYG this class is a great way to spend a Thursday morning.

Top Tips:

  • The room wasn’t massively warm, so wrap up snug if you go on a chilly day.
  • There’s space to leave your buggies inside.
  • The Bridge is inside the park and is locked until just before the class. If you get there early there’s a little coffee shop and play area directly opposite.
  • To find out whether the class in on you can visit the website or there are plenty of updates on the local facebook groups : )


Victoria and Violetta x



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