A Local Heaven for Children and Parents

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We have found the perfect answer to rainy afternoons, burning off energy, meeting friends and having some mummy/daughter time.

In Woolwich Arsenal, in an unassuming, converted warehouse, is a haven for children and parents alike.

Under 1 Roof kids is everything you hoped for when you pictured in your mind the kind of place you would spend some time with your children.

Violetta and I have been frequent visitors since she was born, but the venue has really come into it’s own now that she’s a little bit older.

Today our plans for seeing friends fell through. Faced with the prospect of a day indoors and a little baby with too much energy to spare at the end of the day, there was an obvious answer as to where I would be spending the day!

We jumped in the car and headed of to Under 1 Roof. For just £1.00 (as she’s under 1) we had entry to the play area. This is by far my favourite soft play I’ve been to. It’s safe, secure, clean, not too big and because it is attached to a playroom for older children too, it doesn’t get too busy.

After spending some time burning off some of her extra energy and learning to climb steps for the first time, we headed into the Menagerie Café for lunch. This place exceeds expectations. Everything about it is focused on families and it is easily the most child-friendly place I have every visited. With lots of high chairs and plenty of space around each table, as well as a healthy children’s menu, pouches and plates/cutlery for the kids too, it’s absolutely ideal. Parents are well catered for too, with lovely cakes and bakes, an extensive lunch menu and drinks to rival your favourite coffee shop. To top it off, the staff are amongst the friendliest I’ve ever met.

Whoever came up with this incredible concept really does have the most wonderful imagination. As well as being a child’s dream, there are so many more services available all ‘Under 1 Roof’. From hairdressers to crafters, children’s clothes to party suppliers. Every class worth doing holds a session there and there’s even free parking.

Today I found a second hand clothing shop with the most beautiful, pretty clothes in immaculate condition for truly amazing prices. I couldn’t resist a little bag of goodies and have a feeling I’ll be a regular customer!

I know that this is somewhere we will be visiting again and again and again as Violetta grows up and I know how lucky we are to have it on our doorstep.

If you live locally and I’ve tickled your tastebuds, go and have a look! You won’t be disappointed.



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