Making Big Changes


11 years ago I left school.

9 years ago I started Footsteps and embarked on a business degree.

6 years ago I graduated from university with a First Class Hons.

6 years ago I met my now husband.

5 years ago my health started going downhill.

4 years ago I started receiving medical diagnoses.

3 years ago I got engaged.

2.5 years ago we bought a house.

2 years ago we got married.

1.5 years ago we fell pregnant.

1 year ago, while pregnant, I was admitted to hospital for a lifesaving operation.

1 year ago I survived and so did my baby, against all the odds.

9 months ago I had my daughter.

6 months ago I started feeling ill again.

3 months ago my thyroid medication was changed.

2 months ago my dance school entered it’s 9th year.

1 month ago I went back to teaching.

2 weeks ago I covered my main staff member for a full time week of teaching alongside the administration of running the business.

1 week ago I decided to make a change.

3 days ago I finalised my decision.

Yesterday I actioned my plan.

Today begins a new mindset and a fresh start.

I have embraced every step I have taken – I love my work and I am passionate about what I have created. I live for the children I teach and their families. But I live for myself and my family too. And it turns out that the year I’ve had has forced me to make some big decisions. I’ve taken the decision to scale back my business to give me more time to do what I love – teaching. Thanks to the changes I will have a more definite schedule, meaning I have more time with my family, and I’ll be focusing on getting a few blog posts out too, because it turns out I quite enjoy this! I think these changes are going to make me happier, more fulfilled, less stressed and more present in everything I do. I’m sad to have had to make this big decision, but excited about what it might mean for the future.

I hope you’ll be joining me for the journey.

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