Two Tired and Stressed Parents


Not exactly an exciting blog post, is it!

But there you have it. We are tired. We are stressed. Two demanding jobs and a new baby will do that to you.

Why this post?

Because I just laughed out loud at the text I send my husband this morning:

‘Sorry for insulting you about pasta’.

Yup, I had to send an apology for that.

It turns out that going back to work , having not really stopped working, while hubby continues with his super stressful job, having him away on a stag do for a long weekend and holding down the fort myself, and having a very upset, distressed, teething baby, all at once, is a lot!

So I’m asking for help.

I’m going to take this as an opportunity to prioritise me (I always prioritise V, that goes without saying, but she needs me to be at my best in order to be ok) and see how I go.

I’ve called in reinforcements, tidied the house, allocated working hours and booked onto a 2 hour course for mums.

Watch this space!

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