Silence is Golden! 


Last week my phone died. Caput. Absolutely lifeless. 

It was late Friday night, so on Saturday morning off I dutifully went to carphone warehouse to get it fixed. 

Except they couldn’t fix it! They made me an appointment for the Apple Store for Monday late afternoon. 

So there began my enforced radio silence! 

And do you know what? 

I loved it! 

No pinging messages, no incessantly checking social media to see what everyone was up to, no work emails (it was the weekend, I really don’t feel bad about this!), no checking the news, no random calls, no photographing every moment.

It was a breath of fresh air! 

There is so much pressure now to reply to messages immediately (those blue ticks are the bain of my life!) and to know what’s been going on in the ‘social’ world. 

Now don’t get me wrong… I didn’t see the world through new eyes thanks to not being stuck to my phone… I’m not that kind of phone user! I just thoroughly enjoyed the freedom! 

So what will I take from this? 

I’m ignoring the blue ticks! If I’ve read your message and not replied, it’s just that I’m busy (probably with my baby girl), was interested to know what you said and will be replying later. 

I’m looking at social media less. I admit I’d become a bit hooked… so instagram is for coffee breaks and doctors waiting rooms only! 

I have also realised how much I love the insta-stories. They are such a fun way to see what other mamas and friends are up to… and I’m naturally a nosy person! So I’ll be upping my insta game too. 

I’d thoroughly recommend you give a Mobile free weekend a go. It’s the closest I’ll get to a spa day and it was a much enjoyed detox. 

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