The reality of a refluxy baby 


My baby girl is 12 weeks old today. The magical time when all online graphs, diagrams and forums tell you that the reflux settles down. And boy do I hope they’re right! 

In pretty much every photo we have, she’s wearing a bib of some description! Why? Because she is sick at least 12 times a day, often more! Don’t get me wrong, it’s innocent baby sick – just milk coming back up – but oh my is it a pain! 

Let’s play spot the bib….

We actually have to stage photos that don’t have bibs so that we can see her cute little outfits. 

If you’re the parent of a non-reflux baby you’ll no doubt be wondering what all the fuss is about. 

Let me explain:

  • We get through 2-4 baby outfits a day. This is not me being a princess… this is because her clothes get soaked through with the spit up! 
  • I have to change my tops, trousers, skirts and occasionally even bra multiple times a day thanks to the unpredictability of when she’s sick! 
  • When friends and relatives are passed the baby for cuddles she comes with a warning and an oversized muslin… cuddle this child at your peril. Most people fall victim to the muslin not being quite in the right place at the right time. Daddy once had to borrow THREE t shirts of my dads when we were round for Sunday lunch. We now have our own backup clothes in the ever growing changing bag! 
  • Our muslins are huge. We gave up on the tiny ones, they don’t soak up enough. We now use swaddle cloths instead. 
  • We have washed pretty much every toy she’s played with/laid next to. 
  • The bedding often gets taken off and replaced before the little lady has even fallen asleep… the thought that we might leave it on for more than one nap/night at a time doesn’t even enter our minds! 
  • We have a lot of blankets… they take a long time to dry on the airer and generally can’t go in the tumble dryer. 
  • I am a pro at dismantling and reassembling the lining of the car seat and the pram. 
  • We don’t sit on posh, new or uncleanable sofas or chairs with our baby… the sick has a magical way of making a beeline directly to the worst possible place. 
  • We have to give our baby a bath at least once a day, more often twice, thanks to matted or wet hair from where she’s been sick in her sleep. 
  • Our changing-bag really is that – I pretty much take her entire wardrobe every time we leave the house. 
  • An unfortunately large number of photos and videos of our beautiful daughter have to be retaken thanks to her spitting up right at the wrong time!

So, to all you parents of refluxy babies, we feel your pain! 

Please tell me that the rumours are true and that baby V will grow out of this phase very soon. My poor washing machine, carpet, sofa, mattresses, car seat, pram and clothes can’t cope with much more! 

2 thoughts on “The reality of a refluxy baby 

  1. Our second child was a reflux baby. He was in hospital at six weeks old as was losing weight. The diagnosis of reflux brought us a whole new way of life whereby our baby was never laid down. A special chair in which he slept was placed in his cot. At one year old he was gradually weaned out of his chair and because he was eating more solid food the problem resolved itself. Our sanity was saved by that chair!

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