The Importance of Doing Nothing

baby, Lifestyle

Admittedly this has taken me nearly 8 weeks to realise (or 28 years, depending on how you look at it!), but this week it dawned on me, sometimes I just need to be at home ‘doing nothing’.

I find this realisation really tricky, because to me, time at home is beneficial for catching up on work, cleaning, tidying, washing, probably inviting people round, etc.

But I had a revelation this week that doing nothing really can mean doing nothing when you have a baby.

I’m a nightmare for picking up the laptop and cracking on with work while she sleeps, or quickly whizzing round the whole house cleaning, tidying and doing any other little jobs that need doing. This week, though, I’ve felt really tired… probably because Violetta has decided that sleeping isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and being awake with Mummy is much more fun!

So I set myself a challenge; for one day only, to sleep when she slept, rest when she did and chill out playing with her the rest of the time. Do you know what? I’ve loved it. It’s exactly what I needed.

In light of this, I sat down with my diary and scheduled in what I’m going to call ‘home days’ with my little lady. This doesn’t mean to say I can’t then do bits and pieces while she sleeps, if I want to, but it does mean that if I just want to be at home, chilling out with my baby, I can.


I, like so many Mums out there, am very guilty of filling my diary with busyness; friends, family, business meetings, classes, etc. Whilst it’s all great fun, the gaps in my diary quickly fill up and I soon found that there is no time at all for ‘down time’.

Well, that stops now, and I’m hoping it will make for a happier and healthier Mummy in the long run .

Do you feel the same? Give it a go with me and pop some ‘home days’ in your own diary too : )


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