Thank you, Papa!


Having a new baby is a massive learning curve as a first time Mum and Dad. 

I’m lucky enough to spend all day, every day with this little lady, and I’m getting to know her pretty well. 

Her Papa has just spent two weeks with her and knew her very well too, but in the time since he went back to work she’s changed so much again: she’s having a growth spurt, feeding more than ever and playing differently (she ‘found’ her right hand yesterday, which amused her non stop for 45 minutes!). 

This is all wonderful, but it makes it harder for him to know how to comfort her when he gets home from work. Just as we’ve found something that calms her and perfected our technique, she changes again! 

Last night I was pretty tired (see previous post and you’ll understand why), and when it came to bedtime for me, Violetta had been fighting sleep for a good 2 hours. 

I took her up, changed her and fed her, winded her, had a little cuddle until she was sleepy and then popped her down. 

She wasn’t having any of it and screamed her little heart out. 

Normally I’d pop her straight back on for some more milk, especially at night as there are fewer options for settling her…. midnight walk through Charlton, anyone? 

Before I could roll over and sit up, ready to pick her up, her Papa had got her up and was rocking her. The screaming was relentless (and heartbreaking) for at least five minutes, then it became a little less desperate and fraught, then eventually, after what felt like a very long time but in reality was only about ten minutes, it stopped. 

He had rocked her to sleep. 

Thank you, Papa! 

I fell asleep so fast I can’t even tell you how long he cuddled her before putting her down. But I can tell you that she didn’t wake up again until 5.30am! 

So I got a good solid six hours (as did she!) and I learnt the valuable lesson that there are other ways to get her to sleep through the night! 

I’m feeling refreshed and ready to go, and very grateful that hubby stepped up and worked out a way to calm our little girlie. 

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