To the Mummies of the Charlton Slopes….

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Yesterday morning I had to take my little one to the children’s centre to be weighed. 

We went last week with Daddy and it was absolutely fine! She was an angel the whole time. The clinic was empty and we had a long chat to both the health visitor and then breastfeeding consultant. 

Today we went alone; just the two of us. 

I confidently set off with Violetta in her sling and walked up the road to the centre. I was feeling confident, independent and completely in control! 

We signed in, headed into the clinic and found somewhere to wait. The room was busy, I was number 15 in the queue. 

When I was called over to have Violetta weighed, she decided it was time to make her presence known and began to scream. 

When I put her down to undress her, you’d honestly believe the world was ending. I felt like she’d never screamed so loud in all her little life! 

I began to get hot and bothered, apologising to the other mummies who were quietly chatting whilst breastfeeding their little ones. 

And then one of the Mummies said ‘don’t worry, we’ve all been there! It’s so much louder to you then it is to anyone else.’ Another chipped in with ‘they hate nudy time at this age , don’t they!’ And another with ‘you’re doing a great job and don’t worry, we all know how you feel!’.

Well mummies, thank you. I cannot tell you how much your kind words helped, calmed and reassured me. 

The Mummy community really is a very special one and I think we were out in force, as when I was walking home I psssed two other sling wearing Mummies. We exchanged knowing, reassuring smiles as we passed; I know what you’re going through, you know what I’m going through, and we’re all here for each other. 

I feel lucky to be bringing my little one up in such a supportiv community, and one that I didn’t even know existed! 

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