Our first outing! 


At one week old we decided it was time to take Little V out for the first time.

Any new mums will know that it’s as much about when you feel ready, as when your little bubba is ready!

Feeding in public was not a challenge I was ready for one week post-partum, in fact at 2 weeks I’m still not ready for that… but the trip we had in mind was perfect.

My younger brothers have just achieved their lifetime goal of opening a gym together and by some incredible luck it’s a ten minute drive from our house! Last weekend was their opening weekend, so we decided it was the perfect time to get out the house and introduce our new little daughter to the big wide world!

If you’re a gymmer check out 7R Royal Arsenal Gym online 🙂

Getting out the house was fun and a real education. Papa had to go out, so it was up to Mummy and V to get it together.

After an hour and a half we were washed, dressed, breakfasted, packed and ready to go….. then we had to change a nappy, then another feed was required….. one more nappy change and we were off.

Being a nervous new mummy I sat in the back of the car to check she kept breathing (I know…. first time Mum syndrome). She was fine, of course!

We had a lovely time down at the gym…  Papa did a workout, Mummy enjoyed a specially crafted coffee from the bar and V was cooed over and admired…. and she slept through the whole experience!!!

All in all our first trip as a family of three was a huge success. Although I must admit I’m a little gutted she spent her first weekend in a gym and not a dance studio!

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