Bringing Home Baby


Our lovely little daughter was born on Saturday 28th January 2o17 and after two nights on the post-natal ward (to keep an eye on Mummy), we were allowed to come home on Monday 30th!

There is nothing quite as nerve-wracking as leaving hospital for the first time with a brand new baby!

It took us a good hour to make sure we had everything covered; picking up all the prescriptions, getting our discharge notes, booking our future appointments, seeing the neonatal doctor one last time, getting myself dressed, getting the baby dressed and (most stressfully!) getting Papa ready. Now, this should have been the easy bit. All he needed to do was take the overnight bags to the car and bring back the car seat while picking up a bottle of water for Mummy en route back up from the car.

First time round he came back without the car seat OR the water. How you ask? I blame the Blackberry!

Second time round, we have the water and the car seat, but as we are picking everything up to leave I discover he’d only taken half the bags the first time and none the second. We ended up leaving hospital looking like cart-horses and as if we’d been staying for a week or two!


The journey home was the longest 45 minutes I have ever spent in a car… no-one warns you that you will feel the incessant need to check that your tiny little charge is still breathing, not overheating, not shivering, etc!

All this said, when we came through the front door with our tiny package it was simply the best feeling in the world, ever.

We had overcome the biggest hurdles possible (throughout the pregnancy and even right up until she was placed on my chest after quite a traumatic 36 hour labour), but here we were, bringing home our little miracle.

Now begins the fun.

Mummy, Papa and Violetta…. time to get to know each other!

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