Putting the myths to the test!

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We haven’t found out whether our little bundle is pink or blue, so I thought I’d put a few of the old wives tales to the test and see how accurate they are!

Let’s start with Mother’s Intuition….. I’m convinced baby’s a girl and have been since quite early on. According to many of my friends, this almost certainly means it’s a boy!

The Bump

Is definitley a boy bump, apparently. It’s all in front (see picutre) and very neat. From behind you still cant tell I’m pregnant (supposedy! I feel like a overweight baby elephant so not sure I believe the kind-hearted people saying this!). This one’s a BLUE


Chinese Gender Prediction

This one is supposed to be very accurate. Mine is PINK!Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 12.00.59.png

Fetal Heart Rate

Rumour has it that under 140 is a boy, over 140 is a girl.

PINK again!

Sweet or Savoury

This one is confusing me! To start off with I only wanted savoury. This apparently equals BLUE. Now I only fancy sweet! Guess what that means… PINK…. hmmmmmm.

My Skin 

Supposedly if you’re expecting a girl your skin will really suffer as she ‘takes all your beauty’. Tricky one this – when I was in hospital my skin, hair and nails really suffered, so one would assume PINK, but now I’ve been home a while it’s much better and apparently I finally have the pregnancy glow, so BLUE!

Morning Sickness

Bad in first trimester = PINK!

My Conclusion 

Goodness only knows! But not long until we find out 🙂


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