Happy New Year!


I don’t think it is possible to feel more excited about the year ahead than I do right now!

This is the year that I get to meet our baby, and it is undoubtedly set the be the best year ever.

2016 certainly presented it’s challenges, and I must admit I was quite happy to wave it goodbye with my hot chocolate, snuggled in my dressing gown and slippers, watching the fireworks with hubby! Yes it brought some wonderful times, beautiful memories and of course it is the year that we created our little bubba; but it is one I’m happy to leave behind.

2017 promises to be full of challenges, fulfilling of dreams (not just mine, but many close friends and family members too) and one of great adventure.

I’m not really one for new year’s resolutions but I suppose I will say that this year I aim to be a better me, a happy person, a fun friend and a fabulous Mummy. I hope to support my husband in everything he does, to grow my business while growing our family and to maintain and nurture the close relationships I am so lucky to enjoy with my friends and family.

Cheers to 2017, let’s make it a great one.

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