My Kind of Mummy

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With the arrival of our little one imminent (due in January!) I have been thinking a lot about the kind of Mummy I hope to be.

There are a few things that I value very highly, probably above all else, and these things I hope to be from day one (in fact some of them I like to think I’m already doing, in preparation). There are other things that I think are important at the moment, but I know that this could all change when I have the reality of a baby/toddler/child to look after. And then there are my ideals; things I’d love to be able to achieve if I can, but which I know not many Mummies have time for in reality.

I thought it would be quite fun to get these down now, and look back on them in the future to see how realistic my expectations are!

So let’s start with the things I value really highly. I feel like I have to put a caviat here; that this is IF I can. I’m not being unrealistic, I know some things may not work out for me, but they are really important to me so I’m really hopeful that I can find  a way!

  • Cuddles on demand. This won’t be hard! I cannot wait to hold this little baby in my arms, and have taken note of the advice that babies are used to being comforted and in a close environment so will be taking full advantage of that.
  • Exclusive Breastfeeding. There’s no denying I’ve had a really hard pregnancy, and I’m very lucky to be where I am today. Because of this, I feel very strongly that I would like to be able to nurture my baby by exclusively breastfeeding. As it stands right now, I don’t even want to express. I would like to be the person who feeds my baby for as long as possible until I start weaning him / her and 5 or 6 months. Right now I feel like that isn’t a long time in the scheme of things – so hopefully this is a realistic expectation.
  • Putting baby before anything else. This is the one I think I’m doing already. Everything will come second to this baby’s needs (to begin with). It is my first priority and my responsibility; one I take incredibly seriously.

So what are the things that I think are important, but could change when I have the baby and it’s a real reality, that I haven’t necessarily understood all the ins and outs of yet!

  • Getting out of the house every day. I want to try this, for both myself and baby. My life has been so limited for such a long time thanks to having been poorly and then finding pregnancy incredibly daunting as a result (plus a whole load of weekly appointments!).
  • Getting up, getting us dressed and being sociable. Important, right! I put this here, because I know that to begin with, it can be really difficult. I don’t want to make hundreds of social plans – I want time with the baby for just me and hubby too – but I want to be mindful of making the time to see people too.
  • Keeping my house tidy. That can happen, can’t it? I’m a little bit of a scatty one, generally, so have been really focusing on keeping tidy and organised for the last three months, and I’m planning on keeping it up so that the time I have is time for us, not time for cleaning and tidying!
  • Going to some Mummy/Baby classes. This is a big one – I am the worst at new social situations. I get super super shy! So I will be putting myself out there and trying some new things with bubba in tow!
  • Making some time for me. This one daunts me, because at the moment I feel like all I will want to do is be with the baby. We’ve been on one hell of a journey together already, and I can’t imagine wanting to be away from it for a single moment. This said, I love a bubble bath and I don’t feel ‘finished’ when my nails aren’t painted. So from fairly early on I’m going to try and leave the baby having snuggles with someone else and doing these two things for me. We’ll see how that goes.
  • Work! Ahhhh. As you will know if you’ve read any previous posts from me, I run my own company; a dance and performing arts school. I have tried super hard to get everything to a point that I can enjoy a sort of maternity leave (I won’t be teaching classes and I’ve scheduled out as much as I possibly can to other staff members for between now and Easter). This said, I’m an absolute control freak – and I hate the thought of being away from the business again. So I’m going to try and juggle a little bit here and there. We’ll see how that goes!
  • Bilingual baby! Hubby’s half Italian and we so want baby to speak both languages. This means I’m going to have to up my game and work on my Italian too. Being a super busy man I don’t think we’ll get to see Papá very much during the week, so lots of the learning will be down to me during the week.

Now for the dreaming! I know that the reality of having a baby is very different to the dreamy state of pregnancy and what will be achieved when said baby arrives! So here are things I’d love to do, if I can!!

  • Thank you cards – quickly!
  • Photos, printed and labelled if possible, not just sitting on my iphone taking space.
  • Personalising the nursery – we have it looking stunning for our neutral baby, but it’s going to need making special when we know we’ve had a boy or a girl!
  • Crafts – I love love love crafts and it’s one of my favourite childhood memories so I’m definitely hoping this is something we’ll be able to do!
  • Home made food for me and hubby. We love all sorts of cuisines and I take a lot of pride in my cooking from scratch. I hope I still find time to do this.
  • Entertaining. Another thing we love – sharing our lives with friends and families!

So there you go! Let’s see how we go and hopefully lots of this will become a reality. I’ll report back, honestly, in the future!





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