Things are getting real!


Yes, I have been pregnant for 30 weeks (7 and a half months!). Yes, I do have a rather sizeable bump. And yes, I’ve been to five scans and seen the baby.

But…. do you know what made this pregnancy suddenly seem very real and baby’s arrival seem very soon?

Having the car seat fitted!

How silly is that! We’ve bought furniture, decorated the nursery, collected clothes, muslins, bedding, a moses basket, thought of names and signed up to ante natal classes. But until that car seat was in my car, I honestly felt like we were playing Mummies and Daddies!

So now it’s really happening, in the very near future, I’m upping the ante on the Mummy-to-be posts.

Yesterday I went shopping for all the bits and pieces for the hospital bag and baby’s first couple of weeks of residence in our home.

Watch this space for a hospital bag post (which I’m sure I’ll soon update and alter and even be amending after the bubba is born)!



2 thoughts on “Things are getting real!

  1. Haha, it’s funny the thing (or things) that finally make a baby seem real! Nevermind that they’re in there kicking, making our bellies huge, and all other sorts of “real” things going on, it usually takes something else to bring the truth home! ^_^ Congratulations!

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