Peter Pan


I am a big lover of Peter Pan and his creator, J.M. Barrie. I first enjoyed the Disney film as a child, then when older I watched Finding Neverland and was absolutely captivated.

Many of the quotes from this lovely story are very special and every child should be reminded of the important lessons imparted through this magical fairy tale.

Yesterday I enjoyed the most wonderful day out with my Mum; our annual trip to the Wealden Times Midwinter Fair . It a really special day out and for me it marks the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas time!

The atmosphere, the stalls, the food, the drink (I may have indulged in a particularly fabulous white hot chocolate with all the trimmings!), the people and the products available to purchase all contribute to a memorable day out and inevitably a boot full of goodies!

With our impending arrival due in the next couple of months, I was on the look out for a little something for the nursery. This is made a little more difficult as we haven’t found out if we’re having a boy of a girl!

As you already know if you’ve read a post before, I’m a huge fan of words, so when I saw this stunning framed print on one of the stalls, I was drawn to it instantly.

It covers every base for my husband and I, the typeface is stunning and it will look gorgeous on the little shelves I have in the nursery, ready to be filled with loveliness.

Watch this space for the nursery progression… the furniture arrives tomorrow!


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