One Month On (from Too Much Milk)


So, it was a month ago tomorrow that I had the game changing surgery to remove a naughty parathyroid gland that was playing havoc with my health (Too Much Milk).

I said that I would give an update and let you know how I’m feeling, so here it is!

I have never felt so good:

I have energy (as much as you would expect a 29 week pregnant person to have, anyway!).

I can concetrate on things and focus in a way I haven’t been able to do for many many months.

My skin has cleared up completely – I’m finally enjoying that pregnancy ‘glow’that had been so elusive for the first 6.5 months.

The aches and pains have gone. Seriously. My body feels like it belongs to me again, no more inexplicable pains in the middle of the night that could only be soothed by a very hot bath.

The headache is GONE. Not reduced, not there less often – gone. It’s a life changer. I’ve been living with that headache for as long as I can remember.

The anxiety is so much less. Yes I’m soon to be a Mummy and I do still have ever-so-slightly crazy hormones. But, I’m not feeling like every little thing that happens is going to be the absolute end of the world (much to the relief of my ever-patient and wonderful hubby!).

I have my bubble back. Tricky to quantify that one, so here’s a silly picture instead!

IMG_3149.JPGSo, if you are reading this as a follow up to Too Much Milk, and you or someone you know is going through the same thing – I hope this fills you with hope and excitement for what hte future holds for you. This is one month in, imagine how I’ll be feeling when I’ve had the little bubba and my body is able to 100% recover from everything!


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