Getting back to Business


Today I am 28 weeks pregnant….. and today, I am going back to work!

Yes, I do realise how silly this sounds! Most sensible mummies-to-be are thinking of winding down their working activities around this time, have discussed their maternity leave and are adpating to being in the third trimester.

Me? Well, I’ve been off work (for the most part – I’ve snuck in some cheeky admin and emails) for the last two months. Whilst if I was in an ‘ordinary job’ (does such a thing exist?), or certainly if I was in employment, this wouldn’t be too much of a problem…. However, I run my own company and sadly time off work isn’t a luxury I am able to enjoy.

Whilst I was technically signed of by the obs med team way back in June, this was never going to happen! I run a dance and performing arts school, which I set up back in 2009 when I was 21. I am incredibly proud of how the business has grown and the commitment of the students who attend our classes and I’m not about to take my eye off the ball now!

I have had the sense to ensure that all teaching is done by my fabulous team, but no matter how much you delegate there are always jobs that only you can do, when you are the one who has spent eight years making all the decisions and pulling all the strings for the growth and development of not only the business, but also the children who attend all the classes.

So, here goes! I have (in theory) 12 weeks until my little one arrives… time to get up to date, arrange our annual show, set up an exam session, employ two new teachers, catch up on the leads which I haven’t been able to follow through with, chase the Children’s Centres who are interested in our sessions (eep!), fill the classes that I haven’t been able to focus on while I’ve been in hospital and run the staff Christmas party. While at the same time organising the time I will absolutley have to take off when the baby first arrives!

Wish me luck!

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