A Big Bed for a Little Girl

It’s no secret if you follow us on Instagram that we’ve been having a little bit of trouble getting Violetta down to sleep recently!  With the arrival of the heatwave came the demise of her incredible bedtime routine. My calm, easygoing girl who was being popped in her cot awake and seeing herself off to … Continue reading A Big Bed for a Little Girl


It’s the Summer Holidays!

It's the summer holidays! Shout it from the roof tops!! This is my first real summer holiday with a little toddler in tow (last year I worked throughout - and while I plan to work a fair amount this summer I will be limiting it to 2/3 days a week and giving my little one … Continue reading It’s the Summer Holidays!

My Birth Story

The Story of the Birth of Little V. To begin with let me give you a little bit of context. I had a very unusual pregnancy. Due to a catalogue of pre-existing autoimmune conditions, I was placed under the high risk team at St Thomas’s Hospital in London.  Early on in the pregnancy I became … Continue reading My Birth Story